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AIYouth Competition

For the third edition of the Anyang International Youth Film Festival, a total of 2,330 films from 100 countries were submitted. Of those, 21 Korean works (9 under 19 section and 12 under 24) and 16 international works (7 under 19 and 9 under 24) were selected through the preliminary evaluation. The films offered insight into some of the most pressing concerns of the youths and younger generations in Korea and abroad, and the judges were grateful for the invaluable opportunity to discern the depth of their keen sensitivities to a certain extent. As for the Korean films, instead of works that closely followed the existing grammar of cinema, we voted for works that might be a bit less sophisticated but firmly conveyed their own critical mind or presented a dynamic way out of the difficulty within a scintillating setting. In addition to a film about filmmaking, we came across such subject matters as bullying within the peer group, and issues regarding one’s sexual identity or physical and internal changes. However, we regret to say that none of them caught our attention in particular. We were highly impressed with the remarkable form and structure found in many of the international submissions. In contrast with the Korean works, those from abroad varied in style and presented generic experimentation in a daring way.

We noticed in a number of Korean and international works an acute interest in sociopolitical issues such as teenagers’ political participation, disabilities, and human rights. Many of those works employed direct and empirical methodology, or tackled problems through humor and satire. The judges felt that we must keep an eye on the various forms of violence faced by today’s youths including conflict at home and school, as well as struggles at regional and international levels. At the same time, we were led to consider whether the way some films dealt with violence was perhaps too violent, although films could certainly provide a means to reflect the nature of violence prevalent in the world. In addition to the younger generation’s sincere approach to sexual orientation, we hope to encounter works that explore love and relationships of youths in a more adventurous spirit. Lastly, we’d like to thank all the directors who submitted their works.  

Preliminary Judges of the 2018 Anyang International Youth Film Festival

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