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Cinema class 1

The story of people who turn despair into hope.
- A cinematic healing journey with cinema therapy expert Director PARK Sang-mi and a group of young people.

A cinema class with cinema therapy expert and CEO of More Empathy Communications Director PARK Sang-mi, who lectures on the topics of empathy and healing. She also writes and makes films to promote emotional and psychological healing. After screening her touching first full-length documentary Mother, My Mother, there will be a cinema therapy class held for any young person and their families who want to lead good lives.

Period September 9, 2017, 1pm
Venue Lotte Department Store (Pyeongchon), Culture Hall
Host PARK Sang-mi (Cinema Therapy Expert, CEO of More Empathy Communications)
Target Audience Anyone (Welcome for all the youth and family who wants live well)
How to Free, entry on a first come, first served basis
Contact Anyang International Youth Film Festival, Planning Department (

박상미 감독

Cinema Therapy Expert, Director PARK Sang-mi

As a storyteller on empathy, PARK Sang-mi teaches classes on psychological healing through texts based in film and literature. She is currently the host of Cinema Healing Broadcast on the Ministry of Justice's Gyohwa Broadcasting Network. She has also opened a Cinema Healing School and a Cultural Healing School at penitentiaries and youth detentional centers.

PARK Sang-mi has also directed documentaries such as the full-length documentary Mother, My Mother - a film about the lives of adoptees and single mothers - short documentaries such as When the Baby Box Opens and Abortion. Her short film about the human rights problems of Korean women called Porn Scenario was screened at the Past and Present of Korean Short Films program hosted by the University of Bayreuth in Germany and at the Women's Film Festival in Daegu. She has also appeared on KBS's 2TV Morning as a cultural critic for a year; on podcasts such as Park Sang-mi's Empathetic, Park Sang-mi's Discovery of Reading, and Woo Seung-min and Park Sang-mi's Dictionary of Worries Storytelling where she communicates and empathizes with everyday people; and has had her own corner for nearly two years in the weekly news magazine The Jugan Kyunghyang called "Park Sang-mi's Empathetic Storytelling". Books she has written include the titles In the End Comes Love (Haenaem, 2015) and The Strength of One Person's Belief in Me (Bookstone, 2016). She is currently the CEO of More Empathy Communications and a visiting professor at the Korean National Police University.

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