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After the hottest summer since weather observation was introduced in Korea, autumn has finally arrived with refreshing breezes. In this beautiful season, we are very pleased to open 3rd Anyang International Youth Film Festival (AIYouth), which is my great pleasure to congratulate, on behalf of young people across the nation and Anyang citizens.

Anyang was once a ‘City of Film’ which was called as an heart of Korean cinema. The city has accumulated its own film history and established relevant infrastructure. It has also experiences of organizing Korean Youth Creation Film Festival for 15 years. In this year, AIYouth based on this legacy is celebrating the 3rd anniversary with Anyang citizens’ great support.

We are still in demanding to improve the festival which welcomes the 3rd edition, I strongly believe that the support of people in the film industry and those from all social stratum would elevate our festival to truly one of the most renowned international youth film festival. In this regard, I would like to ask for your interest and support that AIYouth could turn into a new paradigm and innovative new growth engine.

AIYouth is different from other film festivals that our citizens and youth committee are voluntarily involved in the festival to plan, organize and operate the events, such as participating in the citizen’s committee, youth jury members and youth audience assessment. In other words, they are all the part of festival not as a passive audience but as an active participant.

Anyang’s film history and infrastructure would help young people strengthen their artistic and cultural competences and to have a deeper insight into the world through the improved understanding of humanities. Meanwhile, AIYouth supports their cultural artistic sensitivity to step forward as global leaders.

I also expect that the younger and older generations could better understand each other as they would have more chance to communicate in the course of voluntarily supporting the festival. In addition, AIYouth would offer a valuable opportunity for them to share the spirit of the age through films.

AIYouth is pleased to ask our citizen’s supports and interests so that our festival could expand its insight that goes beyond the Korean to be one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

During the festival which runs from September 6th to 9th, you can enjoy various films presented 19 non-competitive films from 12 countries and 41 competitive films from national as well as international youth filmmakers. These selected films will give you an opportunity to see what young people are thinking, what problems they are facing, and what dreams they are having. I hope you enjoy these films and have a great time to get more attached with your family.

Once again, festival organizers would like to gratitude all those who took part and helped make 3rd edition AIYouth meaningful event. Lastly, I wish you and your family the very best of health and happiness. Thank you.

Chairman of the Anyang International Youth Film Festival Organizing Committee CHOI Daeho

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